No Limit


Le Collectif was a name decided with a nod to the history of the great sport of cycling.
However, after several discussions the ride captains agreed that this name wasn’t fit for our purpose. Our aim is to have the most diverse, inclusive and progressive club globally, we felt that the name “Le Collectif” did not meet these goals. After careful consideration we are pleased to announce our new club name with immediate effect is No Limit Cycling Club

Our Principles


No committee is above each other. We work together. No key decision is made in isolation.


We strive to involve people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations.


We work to bring communities together.


No decision is without question. No member stands alone. We are united.

Why No Limit

No Limit  to how far we will go to fight for unity and diversity 

No Limit to empower each other to go above and beyond all expectations. 

We want to encourage everyone, whether beginner or experienced to grow with No Limit

Please stay tuned for future announcements about events and ways to engage with NLCC. We look forward to meeting you all in the near future. 


Club Rides

No Limit CC Members can join us on either Social Rides or Training Rides. Riders join groups based on ability ranging from new cyclists (g4) who are still learning how to ride confidently on roads, hand signals, ride in a group, and skills to help them progress as riders. Up to experienced cyclists (g1) that are confident riding in a group at high speeds doing drills like through-and-off, paceline, sprints, and more

Weekday Training Riders

We run weekday training rides on a Tuesday – These sessions are aimed at improving a particular skill and we run them all over London. Ranging from hill climb sessions, cornering, descending, speed and group skills.

Saturday Social Riders

Weekends are our Social rides leaving from our base of Hyde park at the Statue of Achilles. Rides go out to different locations, rotating on the compass weekly and vary in distance and speed from 60km at 20kph to 100km at 28kph based on groups.

Details for our training and social rides are given a week in advance on all of our social platforms 

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