NLCC Newsletter August

Welcome to the first NLCC newsletter.

This is our new way of documenting everything we do and achieve with our members and giving you all a heads up on what to expect in the coming month. We’re a chatty bunch and Whatsapp is great but we don’t want all of the great things we do to be missed by anyone.  Going forwards will be published on the last Friday of the month and have a summary of our NLCC highlights and upcoming events and rides

Coming out of one of our best months of weather this year we’ve had a great selection of rides mixed in with our first set of sessions at HHV and the BBQ to top it all off – go check out the highlights from Roberts video.It was great to see so many people join the club in celebration and we really aim to put on more similar events in the future!

It’s a pretty huge month of events for NLCC in August!

We’ve got a whopping 6 skills sessions this month! Rides out to Whistable, Cambridge and the Hell of the Ashdown that is already seeing a lot of signups and if you want to get involved now you’ll have to signup to the mailing list to be notified if someone drops out:

Outside of our normal scheduled rides our Womens group are running a Workshop on the 11th and the BUBR events on August 6th for the BUBR ride out and August 21st at Lee Valley Velodrome.


Everyone that went to the BUBR ride last year enjoyed it despite the rain! The turnout and weather are looking even better this year so definitely try and get down. If you didn’t know we’re part of the BUBR alliance and if you don’t know who they are check them out here:

Black Unity Bike Ride – 6th August
Hell of the Ashdown – 13th August

Womens Skills Session – 13th August

Cambridge Return – 20th August
Whitstable Return – 27th August

Remember to sign up for the ride of your choice

Please sign up before 5pm on the Friday night before the ride on Saturday. Rides are available to sign up for weeks before so do sign up for the ride early if you can so we know who to expect.

It’s also the time of the commonwealth games and there are plenty of track events happening, this weekend of the 30th & 31st as well as the road race next weekend on the 7th but you can see the link to the schedule here.

If you’ve got any questions on any of our rides or any feedback for the club, feel free to ping any of the admins in the Whatsapp groupchat or post them publicly.

It’s a great time to be riding!

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