Club Secretary

Our Mission:

No Limit CC exists for the love of diversity. Our mission is to be an inclusive cycling club, connecting people with cycling that otherwise wouldn’t take a look.

We’re a positive platform for good, connecting an incredible community made up by our members, family and friends. This community is the heart of our achievement. We welcome our differences, empower each person’s individuality and celebrate our diverse skills and perspectives. We want to create an inclusive environment for all.

Role Purpose:

To be the main point of contact between the club, cycling bodies, & sponsors. Ensuring all club records are maintained.

Specific Duties:

  • Take and write up the minutes after the meeting and distribute.
  • Read, reply and file correspondence promptly on our No Limit Inbox.
  • Maintain files of legal documents such as constitutions, leases and titles  
  • Act as the public officer of the club liaising with members of the public, affiliated bodies and government agencies 
  • Maintain registers of sponsors and their contact details 
  • Other tasks: handle bookings and entries; respond to general duties as directed by the club committee 

Time Commitment:

  • Estimated 2-3 hrs per week
  • Peak time in the summer where there are more events

Meeting commitment:

  • Monthly Committee meeting
  • Weekly Ride Captains meeting

Skills/Resources Required:

  • Basic administration and record-maintenance skills. 
  • Confidence when referring cases externally. 


Please submit a short summary of why you would like to apply into

You’ll be contacted to have a short conversation with 2 committee members

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