Social Media Manager

Our Mission:

No Limit  exists for the love of diversity. Our mission is to be an inclusive cycling club, connecting people with cycling that otherwise wouldn’t take a look.

We’re a positive platform for good, connecting an incredible community made up by our members, family and friends. This community is the heart of our achievement. We welcome our differences, empower each person’s individuality and celebrate our diverse skills and perspectives. We want to create an inclusive environment for all.

Role Purpose:

The social media manager is responsible for ensuring that No Limit CC has a noticeable presence across all relevant social network platforms. This is to be conducted by developing and executing a clearly defined social media strategy in a manner that supports marketing for No Limit CC.

Specific Duties:

  • Increase the number of followers by building a thriving online community that actively engages and shares our content by working closely with the Events Manager to maximise awareness.
  • Manage posts, provide great content, and be proactive in listening and responding to messages that are received across social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Strava, etc.)
  • Keep content up-to-date with post-worthy content to ensure that we perform to our best.
  • Scale content creation alongside the assistance of Volunteers/Web Manager
  • Ensure that we can easily be found by thinking creatively to come up with new ideas to showcase our club and attract new members

Time Commitment:

  • Estimated 3 hrs per week
  • Peak time in the summer where there are more events

Meeting commitment:

  • Attend committee meetings when required 
  • Attend Ride Captain meetings when required

Skills/Resources Required:

  • Can communicate effectively 
  • Is positive and enthusiastic 
  • Is well organised 
  • Understands the Web, is proficient with media releases and formatting documents 
  • Knowledge of what makes good design is an advantage


Please submit a short summary of why you would like to apply into

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